Cherry Willingham Community Partnership

The Partnership was created in September 2013 following the publication of the CW2020 Community-Led Plan (pdf download) in March of that year. Membership of the Partnership is open to all organisations generally based in the village and providing services and facilities for the benefit of residents of the village and surrounding areas.

Tthe objects of the Partnership are:

To establish a partnership between a wide variety of organisations serving the residents of Cherry Willingham and neighbouring villages with a view to delivering proposals contained in the CW2020 Community-Led Plan published in March 2013.

Drawing on the services and facilities of its members, to improve access for residents to relevant information, advice and guidance especially to more vulnerable residents in order to improve their quality of life.

To liaise with other statutory and voluntary agencies providing relevant services to this area to enhance services to residents.

To coordinate the development of facilities which provide meeting and access places for the community.

To raise funds from the community and through grant applications to meet the above objects.

To undertake other such activities as will deliver the aspirations of the community as identified in the Community-Led Plan and subsequent consultations with residents.